What’s Going To Happen Now That the Queen Is Gone? King Charles III Responds

What's Going To Happen Now That the Queen Is Gone? King Charles III Responds

King Charles Goes Public After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

(TargetLiberty.org) – The world was shocked last Thursday when Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s popular and longest-serving monarch, died at the age of 96. Now, Britain has a king again for the first time in over 70 years. Charles III has a hard act to follow, but he’s had decades of training for the role, beginning with issuing his first address in Parliament on Monday.

Elizabeth II died on September 8 at her country home in Balmoral, three months after celebrating 70 years as monarch. Her oldest son, the former Prince of Wales, immediately acceded to the throne, becoming King Charles III. Now, Britain is in official mourning, which will end after the Queen’s state funeral on September 19. Shortly after addressing the Parliament of England, Charles flew to Edinburgh, Scotland, to lead a royal procession of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin to St. Giles’ Cathedral with the queen’s consort.

King Charles will probably be crowned sometime next year, but he’s already busy with the business of the monarchy. One of his duties as head of state is a weekly meeting with the prime minister, who is also new — the Queen’s last official duty was to confirm Liz Truss as PM, just two days before her death.

Charles has also appointed his older son William as Prince of Wales, the traditional title of the first in line to the throne. On the other hand, Charles may face the prospect of his other son, Harry, releasing a controversial memoir later this year, that may help or hurt his image.

Despite this being a lot for him to handle at such a stressful time, the British people hope his 70 years of preparation for the job helps him rise to the occasion.

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