Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

(TargetLiberty.org) – Once again, the news cycle didn’t slow down over the weekend. Congress is in negotiations to pass the next stimulus bill, but some lawmakers are trying to commandeer it for their own agendas. The 2020 Senate races are also heating up. Finally, President Donald Trump called out his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Congress Goes Rogue

Congress has already passed around $3 trillion worth of stimulus bills to keep the US economy afloat. They were the result of long, bipartisan deliberations designed to trim the fat and direct aid where it’s really needed. There are still disagreements on what exactly should be passed in the next stimulus bill, but certain parts of the House want to craft it by themselves.

Though the exact figure is unknown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is having lawmakers put together a draft that might be available this week. So far, it’s anticipated to cost over $750 billion more in state, local, and individual aid. Meanwhile, Conservatives in her chamber have largely been left out of the picture.

Some in the Senate are also pushing their own agenda. Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Kamala Harris (D-CA), and Ed Markey (D-MA) are pushing for a “temporary” universal basic income (UBI) of $2,000 a month during the duration of this crisis. Of course, once the government finds a new source of revenue or a way to indirectly siphon more money from the taxpayers, “temporary” measures seem to stay for the long haul.

Senate Seats Under Attack

Virtually everything has become unpredictable in 2020, especially political campaigns. The Right could lose four key Senate seats if Republican voters don’t come through in November.

Those Senate positions are “up for grabs” in North Carolina, Maine, Colorado, and Arizona. The Senators up for reelection in those states aren’t guaranteed to hold their spots this year. Right now, Dems are continuing to raise money for campaigns contesting those seats through digital fundraisers. What they lack in big donors, they’re making up for in massive amounts of small donations.

Currently, Republicans control the Senate 53-47. If those four seats are lost, the Senate would flip blue like the House. This would make President Donald Trump’s job harder than it already is.

Trump Slams Obama

Speaking of presidents, Trump called out former President Barack Obama’s attempts to undermine the current administration before he left office. The Michael Flynn investigation has proven to be all but an unmitigated disaster for those who wanted to bring Trump down from the start. Now, the POTUS is hitting back.

This message started the #ObamaGate trend on Twitter during the latter part of Sunday and into early Monday morning. With well over 2 million tweets, the message is clear: Obama got caught red-handed trying to undermine Trump’s authority. He later elaborated on his thoughts.

Trump isn’t wrong. As the evidence stands, the Russian Hoax and the impeachment farce were the manifestations of years worth of attempts to get Donald out of office. Now, much of these campaigns can be traced back to Obama and the president is exposing it for the world to see.

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