Weekend Wrap-Up — March 30, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up — March 30, 2020

(TargetLiberty.org) – Important updates to the coronavirus situation developed this weekend. Trump stated that social distancing will continue through April, but simultaneously decided against enforcing a federal quarantine on three contiguous states. Finally, China donated tons of medical supplies to the US in an act of generosity.

Social Distancing Continues Through April

Leaving the economy shut down for too long would cause a great deal of damage in President Trump’s opinion. Because of that, he had been pushing to reopen the US economy by Easter, which falls on April 12 this year, a potential action which he called “just an aspiration.” After consulting with experts, he pushed the tentative deadline back until the end of April.

During a press release, Trump stated the peak death rate caused by COVID-19 “is likely to hit in two weeks.” In order to mitigate the spread of the virus and any other worst-case scenarios, he called to extend the government’s social-distancing guidelines until April 30.

Trump expects that “we will be well on our way to recovery” by June 1 and will get American life back to normal.

Trump Decides Against Quarantining Three States

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have highly inter-connected economies with exchanges between businesses and worker commutes. The three states have already coordinated and implemented state-wide curfews, limitations on large gatherings, and other precautions. Meanwhile, Trump consulted with state government officials on whether or not to impose a federal quarantine of the tri-state area.

Ultimately, he decided against the measure.

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 56% of new infections in America are happening in the New York City area. That reality is certainly a contributing factor that led to discussions of a potential quarantine. But, after discussions with the president, Fauci said that a federal quarantine would create more problems than it would solve. There are other solutions that the government is looking into that aren’t as disruptive or counter-productive.

China Donates Medical Supplies to the US

Although China was the source of the virus outbreak, it’s done a great deal to contain the problem. The Chinese government certainly could have done more to react more quickly and to inform the world about COVID-19. Perhaps that created a sense of guilt or loss of face which the nation might be attempting to atone for with its latest actions.

China’s wealthiest man, Jack Ma, is donating 500,000 virus testing kits and 1 million masks to the US.

The first of 22 scheduled aircraft freight flights arrived in New York on Sunday, containing 80 tons of various personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies. Thermometers, gloves, N95 masks, gowns, and other supplies were on board the plane. This shipment comes at a time when hospital staff are improvising masks or making them at home.

This raises a question. How can China, home to the largest population on the planet and the virus’ source, afford to offload so much medical equipment in an act of charity? According to James McGregor, chairman of greater China for APCO Worldwide, “China has abundant protective equipment now, and the rest of the world has a huge shortage.”

This is still just a drop in the bucket as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimates that if the pandemic lasts for another year, the US will need 3.5 billion masks.

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