Weekend Wrap-Up — June 22, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up — June 22, 2020

(TargetLiberty.org) – Father’s Day weekend was another busy one for the news cycle. President Donald Trump held his first rally in months, and the mainstream media (MSM) coverage was exactly what you’d expect. Also, despite months of negative comments about his coronavirus response, the president’s administration is still doing everything it can to protect the American people. Finally, the former National Security Advisor John Bolton isn’t making friends on either side of the political aisle after his most recent shenanigans.

Tulsa Rally

On June 20, thousands of people showed up to hear President Trump speak in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Originally, the campaign team expected the crowd to be a bit larger than it was, but it didn’t matter to anyone except the media.

Immediately afterward, MSM ran with a story claiming teenagers RSVP’d for the Trump rally and artificially inflated ticket requests. The campaign said the claim wasn’t true because it had already weeded out those fake supporters. In addition to those at the rally, upwards of 5.3 million Americans watched the rally online.

Preparing For The Worst

COVID-19 hasn’t gone away yet and about a dozen or so states are seeing a rise in the number of cases. That’s a combination of new infections and better and more testing. The Trump Administration is working hard daily to defeat the virus.

On June 21, Peter Navarro told CNN’s Jake Tapper the White House is preparing for a second wave of the virus in the fall. The White House trade adviser said the president just wants to make sure the country is prepared in case it happens. That’s exactly how you’d expect the president to respond, so it looks as though Trump is making all the right moves.

Bolton Book

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton is making waves throughout the political world with his book about the Trump Administration. He’s making all kinds of accusations, but politicians on both sides of the aisle are having a hard time taking him seriously.

In fact, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said Bolton could have spoken up and testified during the impeachment trial but chose not to. The Democrat went on to call the former White House official a “political opportunist and a profiteer.” The president has also indicated the book is filled with lies.

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