Weekend Wrap-Up – July 6, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up

(TargetLiberty.org) – Fourth of July weekend was filled with hotdogs, fireworks, and mayhem. Apparently, the news didn’t get the memo that it was a holiday weekend and we all wanted to relax with our mac salad. Here are the biggest stories from the last few days.

President Trump’s Grand Idea

President Donald Trump kicked off the weekend with an event at Mount Rushmore on July 3. He stood in front of one of America’s most treasured monuments and announced he signed an executive order to build a beautiful new garden.

This isn’t going to be any ordinary garden, it’s going to be a “National Garden of American Heroes” with statues of “historically significant Americans.”

Some of the statues will include Davy Crockett, Harriet Tubman, Wilbur Wright, and Billy Graham. Additionally, there may be monuments erected for labor leaders, police officers who were killed in action, teachers and others “who have contributed positively to America.”

Death in Seattle

On Saturday, protesters entered a freeway and Seattle officials closed it down instead of forcing the people off of the roadway. About an hour later, a man went around police blockades on Interstate 5, slamming into two people, Summer Taylor, 24 and Diaz Love, 32.

Taylor passed away from her injuries later that evening while Love is in the ICU in serious condition.

Washington State Patrol is now saying that anyone who tries to protest on the I-5 will be arrested. The latest death was the third related to protests in recent weeks. Two people were shot and killed in downtown Seattle in an area that agitators took control of for nearly a month.

A New Presidential Candidate?

Rap star and friend of President Trump, Kanye West, announced his intention to run for president in 2020. The media went wild after this tweet:

He hasn’t actually taken steps to run but even if he does, he will still have to meet each state’s individual requirements to have his name printed on ballots. In places that allow write-in candidates, his fans certainly could add him to the ballot.

Why is that important? Well, Joe Biden is banking on the Black vote in November, but if West runs, he could split the vote and hurt the Democrat.

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