Weekend Wrap-Up — Feb. 24, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up — Feb. 24, 2020

(TargetLiberty.org) – Over the course of this weekend, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) made some big headlines.

Sanders Wins Nevada

Bernie, as projected and much to the dismay of his opponents and the rest of the country, completely dominated the Nevada caucuses.

With 96% of the votes counted so far, here’s the rundown of delegates earned and the popular vote.

In total, Sanders should receive 18 delegates, while Joe Biden comes in second with 7 and Pete Buttigieg with 2 delegates. The remaining candidates aren’t getting any delegates.

For the popular vote:

  • Sanders — 46.8%
  • Biden — 20.4%
  • Buttigieg — 13.9%
  • Warren — 9.8%
  • Steyer — 4.6%
  • Klobuchar — 4.2%
  • Delaney — 0.1%
  • Uncommitted votes — 0.1%

Thankfully, the Nevada caucuses didn’t devolve into the chaotic mess that was the Iowa version earlier this month.

Chris Matthews Unloads on Sanders

During the night of the Nevada caucus, media analysts did their thing and reported on the most recent news while providing commentary. One of them, Chris Matthews of MSNBC, was exceptionally noteworthy with his “commentary.” While others were critiquing policies or sharing their projected outcomes, Matthews compared Sanders’ victory to that of the Nazi invasion of France in 1940.

Naturally, this event went viral on social media.

After Matthews mentioned not knowing how far left Bernie really is, he lamented that no one can stop him, which is the problem. Apparently, the night before, Matthews was “reading” about the fall of France in 1940 when the Nazis took over the country in one fell swoop. The invasion was over in a mere moment with hardly anyone realizing what had happened.

Whether Matthews was actually contemplating the fall of France or is just trying to smear Bernie we may never know. What we do know is that Sanders poses a threat to our personal liberties, especially with gun regulation. Many have called for Chris Matthews to resign for his outlandish commentary.

Stock Market Plummets Over Coronavirus

The stock market opened this morning with a sharp decline of over 900 points over fears about the coronavirus outbreak. This drop was a 2.9% downturn on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P, and a 3.4% drop for the Nasdaq Composite.

Stocks in airlines and technology were hit especially hard. Brent crude oil prices also dropped 4%, which is the sharpest downturn in 5 months. Gold, on the other hand, rose to the highest it’s been in 7 years.

It’s not just the US stock market that took a hit, either. European stocks fell by 3-3.4% and South Korea fell 3.9%. Italian stocks have also dropped 4.5% as the country along with South Korea, are the two being hit the hardest with an outbreak of the virus.

We’ll keep you posted as the stocks change throughout the week.

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