Weekend Wrap-Up — August 10, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up — August 10, 2020

(TargetLiberty.org) – Another summer weekend has come and gone. Of course, headlines were still flashing across our devices as we soaked up the sun…or hid from it. Here are some of the biggest stories from the last few days.

Trump’s Announcement

On August 8, President Donald Trump announced he took steps to help America through the COVID-19 pandemic. The commander-in-chief was forced to take action after Congress failed to reach an agreement on the next relief bill. His executive orders will:

  • Provide the unemployed an additional $400 in emergency unemployment benefits through the end of the year;
  • Waive student loan interest and provide deferments until December 31, 2020, for those who can’t make payments;
  • Defer payroll taxes on wages from September 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020; and
  • Require the CDC and secretary of Health and Human Services to review whether “measures temporarily halting residential evictions” are necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It also orders HUD and Treasury to identify funds that can be used to provide temporary assistance to homeowners and renters.

Graham Makes Shocking Revelation

During an August 9 interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) accused the FBI of lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2018.

According to the senator, the FBI told the committee they had no reason to doubt ex-British spy Christopher Steele’s dossier or his primary sub source. However, that source later said the document mischaracterized information he’d given and the federal law enforcement agency reportedly knew that, but kept it from Congress.

Graham said the FBI “misled the hell” out of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Portland Chaos

Once again, Portland, Oregon, was gripped by rioting over the weekend. On August 8, criminals broke into the Portland Police Association’s office and tried to set it on fire. When law enforcement arrived to take control of the situation, violent agitators threw paint balloons and bottles at officers and tried to blind them with lasers to the eyes.

Three police officers were injured in the riot.

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