Weekend Wrap-Up — April 13, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up — April 13, 2020

(TargetLiberty.org) – COVID-19’s assault on the world didn’t take a break over Easter weekend. If recent events are any indication, it looks like America will need to make difficult decisions soon. For the first time in American history, all 50 states are suffering from disasters at once.

In Rome, Pope Francis is advising a universal payday to the US and other world leaders. Back in America, we’re learning that the failing business model of the US Postal Service coupled with the coronavirus is creating a bleak outlook.

Major Disaster Hits America

On April 11, President Donald Trump declared a major disaster in Wyoming. The move marks the first time in American history all 50 states have been under that declaration simultaneously. As of April 13, there are over 550,000 COVID-19 infections, including 22,000 deaths in the US, so our president didn’t really have much of a choice.

Wyoming is still in the early stages of the outbreak. However, without proper prevention measures, the state could easily catch up to the others.

On April 9, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon wrote a letter to Trump asking for the declaration. By putting all states under a major disaster, the president makes them eligible for additional federal funding. They can also receive aid from nonprofits, FEMA, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Pope Francis in Favor of UBI

Pope Francis, leader of the Roman Catholic Church, is widely-known for advocating for the poorest and marginalized populations in the world. On Easter Sunday, in a letter thanking the leaders of many social movements for their service, he offered a controversial suggestion. The Pope stated:

“This may be the time to consider a universal basic wage which would acknowledge and dignify the noble, essential tasks you carry out.”

During Easter Mass, Pope Francis again called for governments across the world to implement a universal basic income (UBI).

In 2019, before the primaries started, Hill-HarrisX conducted a poll in the US and found Americans don’t fully support the idea. The suggestion comes on the heels of the CARES Act, which provides citizens with a one-time $1,200 payment plus $500 for qualifying dependent children under 17.

#SaveThePostOffice Highlights USPS Peril

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the US economy at large. The USPS is no exception, as the mainstream media will no doubt tell you. What they aren’t likely to share is the fact that at the end of the 2019 fiscal year, the United States Postal Service saw a loss of a staggering $8.8 billion. That’s almost $5 billion more than they lost in 2018.

It’s still hard to imagine the 245-year-old constitutionally-protected service being in so much trouble. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7 of the US Constitution says that Congress shall have the power “to establish Post Offices and Post Roads.”

The Postal Service did receive a $10 billion loan from the Phase 3 economic stimulus, but that might not be enough to keep it from going broke. It estimates a 50% drop in mail volume by Q3 of this year. The USPS also predicts a 57% drop by Q4 due to the coronavirus.

In light of this drastic drop, #SaveThePostOffice trended on Twitter this weekend, asking people to sign a petition to bail out the postal service. Meanwhile, Democrats are using this opportunity to call for a massive vote-by-mail movement to keep people at home during voting days. And it’s no wonder, considering how easy it is to commit voter fraud by mail and how often the Left and questionable votes have been linked. They also ignore the fact that absentee ballots can be used in appropriate circumstances.

Naturally, there are politicians and pundits who are doing their best to bash President Trump over the plight of the USPS, which is failing because of a poor business model. But these are the same people who don’t want him to run the government as a business.

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