Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

(TargetLiberty.org) – Protests and riots erupted across America over the weekend. Most of them started out peaceful, through a considerable number of them turned into riots where vandalism and looting were rampant. There were instances of extreme violence as well.

Every side played a part in what happened. Here’s a bird’s eye view of what occurred in major cities over the weekend.

Peaceful Protests

Plenty of the protests started and remained peaceful. Organizers led people down city centers with signs and chants related to the May 25 death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, the media covered the violence more than they did the calm rallies.

Some areas in California, including Santa Monica and Huntington Beach, had protests lasting an entire day without any altercations. Although, on Sunday, Santa Monica was ransacked. In Huntington Beach, Conservatives showed up to counter-protest.

At Colorado’s Capitol, hundreds of people laid down in the street chanting “I can’t breathe.”

In other parts of the country, police officers kneeled or marched with peaceful protesters. While they agreed with the cause and the message, the officers vowed to not allow their communities to be destroyed in the process.

Flint, Columbus, and New Jersey police marched with protesters. Other officers in cities like Des Moines kneeled in solidarity. There were even instances in London and Berlin where demonstrators peacefully showed solidarity with American protesters.

While most of these demonstrations remained civil, others, like in Atlanta, turned destructive.


It’s difficult to say exactly why some of the peaceful demonstrations turned violent. It may have been the crowd getting riled up, the police throwing the first tear gas canisters, or outside agitators wanting to create a mob.

In Atlanta, the crowd marched and held speeches for hours. This was perhaps the most peaceful moment of the May 29 march.

Later was a completely different scene. Atlanta descended into chaos. The CNN building, as well as countless other businesses nearby, was broken into, and cars were set ablaze in the streets.

Riots also sprang up in Minneapolis — the source of this movement. Nashville’s city hall was set on fire, though the suspect was later arrested. New York had multiple police-protester confrontations and stores in Chicago were vandalized and looted.


While much of the violence was directed towards businesses, cars, dumpsters, and other inanimate objects, some people were badly injured and at least one was killed.

In New York, cops were seen using their vehicles as battering rams to drive into crowds or to slam doors into people.

A man brought a compound bow to the Salt Lake City demonstration and shot someone before getting dogpiled and assaulted by the crowd. His vehicle was then flipped and burned in the street.

Violent rioters set buildings on fire in Tampa.

A tanker truck drove through a crowd of protestors in Minneapolis.

Portland rioters destroyed private property and beat a man with an American flag.

Rioters attacked police officers in Atlanta.

Not even journalists and press members were safe. Some were shot with rubber bullets, pepper-sprayed, and even arrested. One lost her eye when she was hit in the face with non-lethal force.

All of this is just a snapshot of what happened across America. Protests during the last weekend of May 2020 were chaotic and heated and it’s unclear if they will continue in a similar fashion throughout the week or beyond.

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