Weekend Alerts — Feb. 3, 2020

Weekend Alerts — Feb. 3, 2020

(TargetLiberty.org) – First up in our weekend news wrap-up is the horrifying story of a former Coast Guard lieutenant who plotted to murder various political officials.

Coast Guard Lieutenant’s Deadly Plot

Christopher Hasson’s targets included Democrats, Supreme Court justices, and widely-known journalists.

The investigation into the plot led to the discovery of roughly $12,000 in weapons, body armor, tactical vests, and unregistered silencers among other items in the former Coast Guard lieutenant’s possession. Hasson was charged with possessing those items, ownership of firearms by an addict, and as a user of controlled substances. He pled guilty to those charges.

Some of Hasson’s most high-profile targets were House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), and DNC candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Anti-liberal and white nationalist beliefs motivated Hasson to create this plan as shown by his search history and in at least one letter he wrote. His search history included phrases like “most liberal fed judges usa” and “how to rid the US of Jews.” Hasson was sentenced to 13 years in prison with an additional four of supervised release.

DNC’s Debate Requirements Let Bloomberg In

It was clear from the DNC’s rules that billionaire Michael Bloomberg couldn’t attend any debates in spite of his polling numbers. Originally, the DNC required, among other criteria, a certain number of individual donors from across the US in order to have a spot on the debate stage. However, Bloomberg has always been adamant about funding his own campaign and not accepting outside donations.

Now, the DNC has changed their debate requirements, which is clearly designed to allow Bloomberg to potentially qualify for a podium spot in the future.

The organization removed the individual donor requirement while doubling the polling threshold. Now, DNC candidates must poll at 10% or higher in at least four approved national polls, or 12% in two polls from Nevada or South Carolina. Additionally, candidates who have secured at least one delegate from either the Iowa caucuses or New Hampshire primary can qualify for the next debate.

Trump and Bloomberg Battle for Super Bowl Ads

Everyone’s talking about the latest Super Bowl that the Kansas City Chiefs won with an incredibly close comeback. As is expected from every Super Bowl, high-quality commercials are a big draw, even from non-sports fans. Among these notable ads this year were ones from President Trump and Michael Bloomberg.

Each spent $10 million on their ads, which may have reached the estimated 100 million Americans who watched the game. The Trump campaign originally purchased 30 seconds of air time before learning that Bloomberg had slotted 60 seconds for himself. So, the campaign upped its time allotment to 60 seconds to match. This time could have been allocated to one long ad or split into two 30-second ads.

Trump’s Super Bowl ad was also aired earlier during the game than Bloomberg’s. The president’s campaign acted quicker, which allowed it to get the earlier time slot and get its message out first.

Time will tell if these ads are successful or not.

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