Watch Senator Go Off On Dem COVID Delays

Watch Senator Go Off On Dem COVID Delays

( – Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) gave a scathing speech on the Senate floor regarding the stimulus package that Americans need so desperately.

Speaking on Monday, Collins voiced what a lot of Americans have been thinking. She laid into her fellow politicians for bickering amongst themselves and playing partisan politics during the coronavirus outbreak.

She expressed her frustration at the lack of urgency and was furious the bill has been delayed time after time.

Last week, President Trump announced a stimulus package topping $1 trillion that would put money into the hands of American workers. At the time, he promised the bill would pass with bipartisan support within two weeks.

However, the bill has been stalled in the House while Democrats and Republicans try to negotiate. Meanwhile, the American people are left to wait — without their jobs and incomes — as the outbreak continues to shake the nation.

Sen. Collins is clearly fed up and is demanding action — and so are we.

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