WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Gets CORNERED – They Had Her Dead To Rights!

Ocasio-Cortez Called Out for Her Connection to Human Rights Abuses

Ocasio-Cortez Called Out for Her Connection to Human Rights Abuses

( – Radical Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is facing criticism over her silence on human trafficking at the Mexican border. In the latest heckling incident directed at the “squad” member, protesters accused her of enabling the brutal trade by condoning illegal immigration.

AOC was faced with a group of Latino demonstrators who heckled her about the situation at the border when she appeared at a campaign rally in Orange County, California, on October 23. Protesters started by asking her about the migration crisis, then started chanting “Fake tears” — a reference to a photo opportunity she staged at the border in 2018 — and “AOC’s a liar.” Journalist Drew Hernandez, who was among the protesters, also called her a warmonger. The same accusation came out last week when AOC was heckled at a town hall meeting in the Bronx.

AOC has taken a strong open borders stance; last week, she called for more funding for illegals, and said the US should give citizenship to everyone who gets into the country. The protesters say that tolerating illegal immigration also means turning a blind eye to people traffickers who exploit, and often sexually abuse, desperate migrants. AOC has presented herself as a supporter of those migrants — but the protesters say she has their blood on her hands.

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