WATCH: Joe Biden DROPS Something During Interview!

Biden Drops His Cheat Cards During Interview

Biden Drops His Cheat Cards During Interview

( – It’s no secret that President Joe Biden is prone to gaffes; he’s been called out on them many times — even before he was elected to the White House. The increasing number of them has led to speculation about his mental competency. The liberal media also isn’t helping the situation by giving him softball interviews — ones designed to boost his public persona. However, some notable incidents lately have renewed interest in Biden’s mental faculties.

Recently, Biden sat down for an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. While he initially came out with a strong showing, he faltered after dropping his cue card. The host then leans down and hands it back to a seemingly shaky Biden.

While the video doesn’t show what was on the card handed back to him — this time — some speculate these are his talking points and “cues” to avoid saying or doing the wrong thing. It wouldn’t be the first time. Who could forget when he mistakenly showed off a cue card back in June with the words “YOU take YOUR seat” and instructed him to greet the guests?

Do you think the liberal media is being too soft on Biden to help alter the public’s perception of him?

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