Warren Opposes Concealed Carry — Even With Govt Checks

Warren Opposes Concealed Carry — Even With Govt Checks

DNC Presidential candidate Sen. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) spoke out against concealed carry on Monday following a question about last week’s church shooting. Speaking to a New York City audience, Warren was asked if she would support a universal concealed carry law for anyone who was willing to undergo government checks. Warren’s reply was an uncompromising flat “no.”

She went on to claim that there’s no data to suggest that universal concealed carry makes us safer.

“I don’t feel safer going to my church knowing that someone could be sitting next to me with weapons. I don’t feel safer knowing that some fight that ordinarily might have escalated into a little push and shove could escalate into everyone pulls out weapons.”

For several years now, Warren has been an advocate of restricting Second Amendment rights. Among other policies, she wants to ban “extended magazine” rifles, expanded background checks for all sellers and increase the amount of taxpayer-funded research into gun violence.

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