WaPo Rates Biden’s Recent Arrest Claims With ‘Four Pinocchios’

WaPo Rates Biden's Recent Arrest Claims With 'Four Pinocchios'

(TargetLiberty.org) – When people recite stories about the past, it’s common to misplace a fact here and there or embellish a bit. However, when President of the United States, it is their responsibility to ensure the people the president represents are continuously informed of the truth. In a recent story written by historically left-leaning Washington Post, the paper turns on its own ideological band by putting Biden’s claims to the “Pinocchio Test”.

The Post compared four versions of the leader’s story about a time during his teenage years when he claims police arrested him amid a racial protest near his home. Each story was slightly different than the other, so the paper surprisingly dug deeper into the validity of the Democrat President’s recollections.

Researchers couldn’t find any records of Biden’s arrest during their investigation. However, they did uncover there were a few protests in the area concerning the presence of black people in and around the neighborhood where the president resided during part of his teenage years. They concluded Biden may have used the story to add more credibility to his support of the civil rights movement.

The report then called Biden a “not always” reliable source and gave him Four Pinocchios for stretching the truth. They ended the piece by saying they would re-investigate if any new evidence surfaced, but the real shock here is WaPo thoroughly fact-checking someone on the Left.

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