Voters Reveal Who They Want In 2024

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

A recent CNBC-All America Economic Survey Reveals most Democratic voters don’t want President Joe Biden to seek a second term in 2024.

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats expressed not wanting Biden to seek reelection in 2024, 13 points less than the 70 percent of all Americans surveyed.

Republicans were the least in favor of Biden seeking a second term, with 86 percent saying they didn’t want him to run again. Republican voters were followed by Independents, of which 66 percent shared the same sentiment.

Former President Donald Trump also had much of the same reception as Biden, with the plurality of voters not wanting Trump to seek reelection, excluding Republican voters who predominantly support a Trump 2024 bid.

Thirty-seven of Republican voters didn’t want Trump to run again, but that figure changed when Independent voters were approached, with 61 percent saying they didn’t want Trump to run again. Democrats were least in favor of a Trump 2024 bid, with 88 percent indicating they would rather not have the former President trying to secure the Oval Office.

The survey also showed a 5-point drop in Biden’s approval, showing only 41 percent of voters approved in November compared to 46 percent who approved of the President in October.

The President’s disapproval rating rose by four points to 54 percent overall but dropped by two points — from 40 to 38 percent — on the economy.

Most Voters believe the economy is reeling under a Biden Presidency, with only 14 percent saying they believe the economy is good or excellent, the lowest figure since 2013.