Voters Are Fleeing to the Republican Party Like Crazy

Voters Are Fleeing To the Republican Party Like Crazy

Democrats Are Losing Voters — They’re Fleeing To The Other Party!

( – Former President Donald Trump was able to beat Hillary Clinton in “Blue wall” states, in part, because many of her would-be voters were attracted to him. The following general election, President Joe Biden peeled enough of them away from the Republican Party to win the White House. A year and a half into his term, the Democratic Party is bleeding voters. Now, the Left is hoping to pull some of them back in after the recent Supreme Court ruling over abortion.

Hemorrhaging Voters

The Associated Press recently analyzed voter data from 43 states. Investigative reporters learned almost 1.7 million people from 42 of those states switched parties in the last year. More than 1 million of them were Democrats who had become annoyed with their party and wanted out. They didn’t switch to Independent or No Party Affiliation though, they headed straight to the Republican Party. Although the shift is occurring in nearly every region of the country, it’s most pronounced in the suburbs.

Republicans are gaining voters in places like Raleigh, North Carolina, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The suburbs around Atlanta, Georgia, and Denver, Colorado, are seeing the shift as well, the report explains. As the parties head into the midterms, the shift looks really good for the GOP.

However, Democrats haven’t given up yet, they’re hoping to weaponize the recent SCOTUS ruling — and they aren’t the only voices who think the ruling might hurt Conservatives.

Dobbs Impact

On June 24, the Supreme Court effectively reversed the previous Roe v. Wade precedent when it issued its ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. The decision stripped federal protections for abortion rights. Now, Democrats want to make the midterms all about the issue.

The day the ruling was handed down, President Joe Biden declared, “Roe is on the ballot.” Democrats across the country, from state to federal seats, promised they would make the fight to maintain abortion one of their primary focuses.

According to The Washington Post, former President Donald Trump has allegedly been worried about what impact the ruling could have on voters. The former POTUS publicly celebrated the victory that made it possible when he appointed three justices to the court. However, two unnamed advisers told journalists he has told allies they should stress that states will now be able to make their own laws.

The former president also reportedly said a better position might be to emphasize that the procedure is limited and not banned. One adviser said, “He is convinced it won’t help him in the future.” Instead of focusing on the polarizing issue, Trump allegedly wants the party to talk about inflation, immigration, and other issues about which all Americans are upset.

Even with the controversy over Roe, the Democratic Party faces an uphill battle. The loss of a million-plus voters is nothing to sneeze at and could very well cost them everything.

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