Vladimir Putin Signs Law Targeting “Unfriendly” Countries

Vladimir Putin Signs Law Targeting

(TargetLiberty.org) – For four years, the US relations with Russia were relatively peaceful. Former President Donald Trump was often criticized for his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it did seem to help keep tensions low. The same cannot be said now. In fact, Russia recently passed a law that makes the situation even worse.

On April 23, the Kremlin announced that Putin signed a decree that’ll allow its government to limit the number (or ban entirely) of Russians who are employed at “unfriendly” countries’ embassies. The government was ordered to create a list of nations they believe are unfriendly. The decree came after Russian diplomats were expelled from Poland, the US and the Czech Republic.

It’s no secret that Putin’s hostility can be dangerous. His decision to annex Crimea, part of Ukraine, has definitely caused diplomatic problems over the last seven years. At some point, President Biden will have to decide if he wants to keep ratcheting up the tension with more sanctions, like the ones his administration levied recently, or if he’s going to find a diplomatic solution that satisfies both countries when they meet later this summer.

The very last thing the world needs is tensions leading up to a serious conflict between the two remaining superpowers.

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