Vladimir Putin Reportedly Expands Arsenal of Nuclear Submarines

Vladimir Putin Reportedly Expands Arsenal of Nuclear Submarines

(TargetLiberty.org) – Russia has started building two more nuclear-armed submarines in a dangerous acceleration of its military modernization program. The plan is for the new subs to enter service in 2026-27, years before their US counterparts will join the fleet.

On August 23, Russian leader Vladimir Putin took part in a video call to mark the laying down of two keels for new Borei-A ballistic missile nuclear submarines. The subs are the latest version of the Borei missile boats, which joined the Russian Navy in 2013. So far, three Borei and one Borei-A are operational. Each carries 16 SS-N-32 missiles with up to 10 warheads per missile. The range of around 6,000 miles is enough to hit the entire continental US from the Russian Navy’s protected “bastion” in the White Sea.

Another Borei-A is on sea trials and due to commission later this year, while Monday’s ceremony means seven new nuclear subs are operational, in sea trials or under construction. The new Borei-As will replace nine older Delta III, Delta IV and Typhoon-class submarines.

Meanwhile, the US Navy’s first new Columbia-class missile boat, also armed with 16 missiles, won’t be commissioned until 2031. The Navy has plans for 12 of these subs, but they’ve only ordered two so far, according to reports. Right now, we rely on 18 older Ohio-class submarines and ballistic submarines commissioned between 1981 and 1997. Beginning in 2027, the military will scrap one of these models every year. By then, Russia will have at least 10 Borei and Borei-A boats in service – and a growing lead in modern missile submarines.

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