Vigilantes Force Quarantine on Out-of-Towners

Vigilantes Force Quarantine on Out-of-Towners

( – Armed vigilantes in Maine are reportedly taking quarantine measures into their own hands. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office said a man living on Vinalhaven, an island off the coast of Maine, called authorities on Friday afternoon to report that an angry mob with guns had chopped down trees and blocked his access to the main road.

It started when his cable went out, and he decided to check his property. When he did, a neighbor began screaming at him to get inside his house and quarantine himself. Other neighbors joined in. That’s when, fearing for his safety, the man reached out to the Coast Guard for help with the situation using a VHF radio.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office, the Maine Marine Patrol, and a Coast Guard boarding party all responded to the scene. However, the crowd had dispersed by the time authorities arrived.

According to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, the locals believed the man and his roommates had come to the island to flee the coronavirus when in fact, they have been renting a home on Vinalhaven since September.

State Rep. Genevieve McDonald condemned these vigilante acts.

McDonald cautioned against taking an “us vs them” attitude. We are all in this together and we need to start remembering that.

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