View Host: Republicans ‘Don’t Care About Children,’ Here Are the Facts

View Host: Republicans 'Don't Care About Children,' Here Are the Facts

( – The problem with the way the Left attacks Republicans is they’re usually lying. They can’t be burdened with the facts, but fortunately, we’re here to point out where they’re wrong.

On Monday’s episode of The View, co-host Joy Behar told an outrageous lie. She claimed Republicans don’t “care about children.” Then, she went on to say Republicans have been “defunding education.”

Behar faced some pushback from Meghan McCain, the only Conservative on the daytime talk show. McCain said Behar’s claims were unfair, and she called them “aggressive and incendiary.”

Later, the director of school choice at the Reason Foundation, Corey DeAngelis, called Behar’s assertions “verifiably false.”

What Do the Facts Say?

The truth is, education funding has gone up significantly over the past 60 years, including under Republican administrations. The Daily Signal points out the actual spending for each student was $2,763 in 1960. However, it has grown to more than $13,000 per student today.

Democrats love to throw money at problems. But the flat educational outcomes prove it doesn’t always work. Funding has increased, but it’s not helping.

Stanford economist Eric Hanushek told the Daily Signal schooling outcomes have remained virtually the same for decades, even though spending is now much higher.

And Behar wasn’t just wrong about the funding. She was also lying about Republicans not caring about children. When we look at the facts, it’s clear the opposite is true.

Several polls put out by Education Next show most parents approve of school choice, a Republican proposal. School choice allows public education money to follow a student to the school that best meets the child’s needs.

This is just one example showing how Republicans deeply care about the nation’s children. They’re concerned with children’s welfare beginning before they’re even born.

It’s unfortunate that Liberals like Joy Behar have national platforms to spread lies about the Right. Just a little scrutiny of their claims makes the whole house of cards fall. Republicans have always been the party of family values. That hasn’t changed, no matter what the Left says.

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