Video of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s House Being Swatted Released

Video of Marjorie Taylor Greene's House Being Swatted Released

[WATCH] Disturbing Video – Marjorie Greene’s Home Infiltrated!

( – Recently, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was the victim of two swatting instances at her home in Rome, Georgia. An individual or individuals contacted 911 in the middle of the night, falsely claiming there was a crime happening inside Greene’s house that required immediate attention. The lawmaker subsequently released her own footage of the events as they unfolded.

Greene was awakened by cars pulling up to her property and people with flashlights roaming around the yard. When the police approached the door, the legislator answered, letting them inside her home to prove everything was okay. The video showed four police officers present. Two followed Greene to the back interior of the home, one stayed in the entryway with his weapon out, and the fourth stayed on the porch.

Following the swatting, the Georgia lawmaker spoke out about her experience. She insisted whoever made the call wanted her dead. Normally in that situation, the congresswoman said she would take her gun to the door, but something told her to leave it behind. Green believes that move might have saved her life.

This action comes just weeks after the FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s home, who is yet another Republican.

What do you think about the police action at Greene’s house being so close to the raid at Mar-a-Lago?

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