VIDEO: Gun-Waving Man Gets Took Down On The Street

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

( – A police officer in Long Island, New York, intervened when he spotted an individual allegedly brandishing a firearm at others, including law enforcement, by using his patrol SUV to knock the man off his feet. This incident occurred near a 7-Eleven store at a busy crossroad on Tuesday.

The authorities identified the man as 31-year-old Kiber Calderon from Brooklyn, who has also been known to use the identity of a 33-year-old woman, Hanna Carillo. Around 2:20 p.m., Calderon was reportedly seen waving a handgun in the street, purportedly aiming at vehicles and the police.

Previously, Calderon had been taken into custody twice in New York City in June but was freed due to a “no-bail” policy, as reported by Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder during a subsequent press conference.

Commending his force, County Executive Bruce Blakeman referred to the department as the nation’s “most professional” and expressed approval for the officer’s swift intervention using the vehicle, which potentially prevented a more severe situation. Blakeman emphasized that the situation was escalating with Calderon possibly threatening his own life with the firearm.

Even though Calderon sometimes presents himself under a different identity and appearance, he identified as male during the police interview.

A captured video revealed Calderon moving erratically through the intersection of Jerusalem Avenue and Bellmore Avenue in North Bellmore. He was seen aiming the gun at himself right before an oncoming patrol SUV hit him. Following this, other officers immediately approached the scene, secured the weapon, and stabilized the situation.

Nassau County police confirmed the retrieval of a loaded firearm. Calderon was apprehended on multiple counts, including threats, endangerment, and illicit possession of both weapons and narcotics.

Prior to this incident, Calderon had charges pending for burglary and trespassing in New York City. While he sustained minor injuries during the recent event, he is expected in court after a hospital stay for medical and mental health assessments.

Meanwhile, the officer involved has been temporarily relieved of duty due to trauma experienced from the episode, as per Commissioner Ryder.


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