VIDEO: 98-Year-Old Gets Into Standoff With Police

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – Joan Meyer, 98, died only a day after the police issued search warrants to look through her office and home. Meyer was the co-owner of a storied Kansas newspaper.

Surveillance video has emerged from the interaction between the woman and the officers in which she can be seen calling for them to leave her living room. At the start of the clip, she tells them that they cannot “touch any of that stuff.”

One officer tries to interject, but the woman continues by barking that this is her home.

Marion County Record Publisher Eric Meyer, who is also the woman’s son, released the clip to the public on Tuesday after a state official noted that the online search that was used to justify the raid could not be considered criminal.

During the video one of the officers proceeds to ask the woman how many computers she had within her home. However, the woman stated that she would not be telling them and then called for them to leave.

Meyer’s son has claimed that his mother’s death was caused by the stress incurred by the raids that he referred to as “illegal” and claimed they were similar to “Gestapo tactics.”

Last Wednesday Joel Ensey, the Marion County Attorney withdrew the search warrants following the national concern regarding the raids possibly violating the First Amendment. Ensey then ordered that all of the items taken during the raid needed to be returned as there was no legal basis for a case to be brought against the staff or the newspaper.


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