Veteran Helps Americans and Allies Escape From Afghanistan

Veteran Helps Americans and Allies Escape From Afghanistan

( – When the last American military plane left Afghanistan, one minute before midnight on August 29, it took off without all of its citizens on board. Many Americans and Afghan allies were left in the war-torn country. Although some of them have escaped since then, others are still stuck. A military veteran is hoping to change that.

Lt. Col. Perry Blackburn, a retired US Army Special Forces soldier, founded AFGfree to get Americans and allies out of Afghanistan. According to the veteran, his organization has evacuated 970 people from the country so far. Almost 400 people work with the organization, and Blackburn says he’s currently in contact with 43 Americans and permanent residents who are in Afghanistan.

The organization’s website states, “We are first in, last out. You can help.” It’s a reference to Blackburn’s service with the “Horse Soldiers,” the first unit to have boots on the ground after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that left 2,977 people dead in the US.

Blackburn told Fox News that all the organization needs is money to contract flights to keep America’s promise to get all of its citizens and allies out. He said he’s working with President Joe Biden’s administration to figure out what a “private-public partnership could look like.”

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