Very Important Democrat Announces Retirement, Party Panics

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

( – Commentators Richard Fowler and Cassie Smedile provided insights on the recent development announced on ‘America Reports’ that Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia has decided he will not run for another term in the Senate.

In a heartfelt declaration shared through a video, Sen. Joe Manchin expressed his belief in prioritizing the nation over partisan politics and striving for bipartisan cooperation, despite the challenges and criticisms such a stance often entails. He indicated that, after thoughtful reflection and discussions with his family, he feels he has fulfilled his objectives for his home state.

Sen. Manchin conveyed his gratitude to the people of West Virginia for their trust and collaboration throughout his tenure. Rather than seeking re-election, he plans to explore the United States to assess the potential for cultivating a movement aimed at uniting Americans beyond the traditional party lines, hinting at a potential bid for the presidency outside the two-party system.

In his message, Sen. Manchin highlighted the common values that Americans hold dear, such as family, freedom, democracy, dignity, and the collective ability to tackle any obstacle. He concluded his announcement with blessings for the nation, West Virginia, and its citizens.

Sen. Manchin’s reputation for bipartisanship, which has occasionally put him at odds with fellow Democrats, has fueled speculation about his political future, including the possibility of an independent or third-party presidential campaign. His attendance at a “No Labels” event in New Hampshire further stirred conversations about his political ambitions. Despite the buzz, Sen. Manchin has maintained that his attendance was not an explicit signal of a third-party campaign but has also stated that he keeps his options open, emphasizing the purpose of the gathering as a conference rather than a campaign launch.

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