Ventura Officials Backtrack On Forcible Quarantine Threat

Ventura Officials Backtrack On Forcible Quarantine Threat

( – Public health officials in Ventura County, CA have backed away from an apparent threat to forcibly remove suspected COVID-19 sufferers from their homes. Alarm spread among county residents on Tuesday, when a video of county public health director Dr. Robert Levin outlining new plans surfaced.

Levin can be seen discussing a plan with the Board of Supervisors to hire 50 contact tracers to find coronavirus victims, locate everyone they’ve been in contact with, and “…make sure they stay quarantined and check in with them every day.”

Unfortunately for Levin, word quickly spread on social media that the county was planning to put anyone they suspected of having the virus into compulsory quarantine.

The county is now saying their services are “completely optional,” but the video seems to show Levin saying people will be moved if they don’t have access to a separate bathroom in their homes. Either way, they’ve now assured residents that nobody will be forcibly removed from their home.

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