Vaccine Clinic Canceled for Seniors and Essential Workers

Vaccine Clinic Canceled for Seniors and Essential Workers

( – A California city has been forced to cancel a vaccination clinic for seniors and essential workers after receiving a swarm of applications from media workers who weren’t eligible for the shot.

Last week, the city of Pasadena, CA sent out an email offering COVID-19 vaccinations to those over 65, grocery store staff and key workers. Unfortunately, one of the people who received the email was a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, and on March 9, he started spreading the word around the city.

When Pasadena officials checked registrations for the clinic late Monday, they were appalled to find that, of 1,500 slots available, about 900 had been taken by people who don’t qualify for the vaccine yet. Many of them were in the (non-essential) media industry. For instance, some of the people who signed up included Hollywood workers and employees of news outlets and streaming TV companies.

The Pasadena Public Health Department’s email warned applicants they’d need to prove they were eligible for the injection, either through age or by working in a designated essential industry. It seems the Hollywood crowd still doesn’t think the rules apply to them.

Pasadena plans to reschedule the clinic, but the date is still unknown.

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