US Troops Secretly Deployed to Taiwan, Report Says

US Troops Secretly Deployed to Taiwan, Report Says

( – China has long held the opinion that Taiwan belongs to the mainland even though the island has been self-ruled since 1949. For decades, the US didn’t acknowledge the country might be autonomous, but former President Donald Trump shifted that policy. A new report now claims the US is doing more than just acknowledging Taiwan.

On October 7, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Marine Corps special-operations unit has allegedly been working in Taiwan to train its soldiers. The Taiwanese army could be at war with China soon and it needs to be prepared for the possibility.

Shortly after the report surfaced, China threatened the US. The communist country said if American troops are on the island and if it invades, then it will take out the US Marines first and then go after the Taiwanese.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said he expects the Taiwan government to reunify with his country. He said that although he wants the reunification to take place peacefully, he has not ruled out force. The Taiwanese people, on the other hand, have said they will fight to the end to keep their independence. The US government has expressed its support for Taiwan in the battle.

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