US Troops Denied Wage Increase Despite Inflation

US Troops Denied Wage Increase Despite Inflation

( – President Biden has just signed off on this year’s wage increase for the US military. Unfortunately, he’s also allowed inflation to run out of control – so, in real terms, the military is getting a wage cut.

On January 3, Biden signed the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. One of the many things this act does is set the pay scales for our military over the next 12 months. This time, service members were awarded a 2.7% pay increase over last year. There’s only one problem – rampaging inflation more than wipes it out. At the same time, military retirees and those on social security are receiving a cost of living increase of 5.9%.

In the last year, food prices in the US have risen by 6.1% while gasoline has jumped a crippling 58.1%. A 2.7% pay rise doesn’t even begin to keep up with inflation at this level, so for US military personnel, the brutal reality is, this year, their pay won’t stretch as far as it did last year.

Just to add insult to injury, on January 1, tens of thousands of troops were stripped of a cost of living allowance meant to compensate for high-priced duty locations. Last year, 54,000 personnel were eligible for up to $59 a month if they were posted to an area where housing costs at least 8% more than the national average. Now, 48,000 of them have lost those payments.

Retired US Army general John G Ferrari, who now works at the American Enterprise Institute, warned as pay lags behind inflation, lower-ranking troops could be pushed into debt or forced to rely on food banks. Combined with the humiliation of our pullout from Afghanistan, the pressure on military personnel to get vaccinated and the replacement of traditional military values with woke indoctrination, will our military be able to hang on to the people it needs?

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