US State Department Warns of Chinese Communist “Threat”

US State Department Warns of Chinese Communist

( – The State Department has sent a Twitter warning about the dangers posed by the Chinese Communist Party. With the election still in dispute, it’s a worrying reminder of why we can’t afford a president who’s soft on the brutal dictatorship in Beijing.

In a series of four tweets on December 17, the State Department reminded the American people that China is not our friend. The messages said:

  • America is a sovereign nation dedicated to protecting its citizens.
  • It’s taken a while to recognize the real nature of China, but now we know – it wants to dominate the free world.
  • China is a real threat; the US wants it to start acting the way other nations do.
  • The communist threat extends to our financial markets. Money from US investors is funding China’s military buildup and human rights abuses.

President Trump has always taken a firm stand with the Chinese communists – on trade, on their role in the coronavirus pandemic and on their military adventurism. This is not the time to ease the pressure on Beijing.

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