US Senator Wants to Investigate Green Energy’s Ties to Russia

US Senator Wants to Investigate Green Energy's Ties to Russia

( – The Democratic Party has been pushing a green agenda for nearly two decades. Leftists have become especially vocal in the last couple of years, even calling for a massive spending package called the Green New Deal. One senator is now calling out possible ties between Russia and environmental groups.

During an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) told host Larry Kudlow he wants either the Department of Justice or Congress to investigate the alleged ties. He explained he thinks the Green New Deal creates a way for “Russia to sell its much dirtier fossil fuels.” He went on to say the environment doesn’t benefit from the sales. The senator pointed out America uses higher environmental and labor standards to produce its fossil energy, making it cleaner.

Cramer told Kudlow, a former adviser to the 45th POTUS, Donald Trump, he thinks “every organization” that has taken money from Russia should be investigated. He pointed out the government spent millions on the probe into Trump’s alleged Russian connections; the former president was later exonerated. He said he believes if lawmakers spend a small fraction of money on a probe into the environmentalists, they’d find real collusion.

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