US Reportedly Worried About Potential Russian Invasion of Ukraine

US Reportedly Worried About Potential Russian Invasion of Ukraine

( – Last week, as Europeans commemorated the end of the First World War, media reports revealed that the US had warned them conflict could be on the horizon again. Russia is reportedly massing troops on its border with Ukraine – and it might be planning to use them.

On November 11, Bloomberg reported “multiple sources” informed them the US had shared new intelligence data with European governments, warning that Russia could be planning an invasion of Ukraine. The information provided supposedly hasn’t been shared publicly. However, reports suggest that Russia has even more forces close to the Ukrainian border than it admits – which is fueling concerns that Ukraine could face an invasion.

Europe already knew Russia was threatening Ukraine, but that’s become a familiar pattern since the 2014 seizure of Crimea. Now, it seems US intelligence believes President Putin wants to bite off another chunk of the country. Since 2014, the West, led by the US, has invested heavily in training and re-equipping Ukraine’s military. Western governments hope if Putin does invade, his troops won’t roll over the defenders as easily as they did last time. But Russia has a lot more men and equipment to throw into the fight, and Ukraine isn’t likely to win alone.

On November 15, Bloomberg reported that the US is considering sanctions if Russia moves against Ukraine, but will that be enough? And will Biden, after his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, be willing to use force to stop an invasion?

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