US Diplomat Pleads Guilty to Victimizing Women

US Diplomat Pleads Guilty to Victimizing Women

( – A US embassy official has been convicted of drugging and raping 23 women in a 14-year-long crime spree in Mexico City. The disgraced diplomat could face life in prison.

In May 2020, Mexico City residents saw a nude woman screaming for help from the balcony of an apartment. When the FBI interviewed the woman, she told them she couldn’t remember anything after consuming food and drinks given to her by the apartment’s occupant, 45-year-old US diplomat Brian Jeffrey Raymond.

The FBI investigation uncovered hundreds of images of Raymond molesting nude, unconscious women. Raymond later admitted to assaulting at least 24 women between 2006 and 2020. All his victims said they had suffered from memory loss and couldn’t remember Raymond sexually assaulting them or taking obscene photos. The FBI soon worked out why; Raymond had made internet searches on the effects of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol.

Raymond has been a US government employee for 23 years and has worked in numerous countries. But, the court wasn’t told which department he works for or what his job actually was. Now, he’s confessed to a shocking series of crimes – and faces a possible life sentence.

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