US Cyber Command Advances Tech Systems

US Cyber Command Advances Tech Systems

( – The United States Cyber Command is pushing ahead with an ambitious technology development that will improve our nation’s capability to wage information warfare.

USCYBERCOM is a unified combat command that defends our key computer systems against cyber-attacks and can launch attacks against enemy information systems. Since it was formed in 2009 it’s adopted a wide range of software to carry out all its functions, much of it bought from industry or contributed by the National Security Agency. The problem is that many of these apps weren’t designed to work together.

Now USCYBERCOM is working with Northrop Grumman to integrate its tools in a more effective way. The Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture (JCWA) will let all the command’s apps work effectively as a single system, with the backbone being the new Unified Platform. Unified Platform will combine data from every USCYBERCOM system, allowing operators to search the command’s entire data feed and rapidly shift information from one system to another. It will also provide a framework that lets new systems be developed and integrated more easily.

A new software architecture isn’t as dramatic as a new combat aircraft or warship, but in modern warfare, information is key. JCWA and Unified Platform will give the US the power to protect its own information and penetrate the enemy’s, so the appropriate attack can be delivered – whether that’s a bomb-laden F-35 or a computer virus that will destroy an enemy’s nuclear weapons lab.

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