US Citizens Warned to Leave Ethiopia as Conflict Rages

US Citizens Warned to Leave Ethiopia as Conflict Rages

( – The State Department has told US citizens to consider leaving Ethiopia, as a brutal civil war devastates part of the unstable country. With the wound of August’s pullout from Afghanistan still raw, it looks like the administration is taking no chances this time.

On November 3, the US Embassy in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa issued a Level 4 travel advisory for the East African country. The advisory highlights the ongoing insurgency in Tigray Province, where provincial troops and the Oromo Liberation Army are fighting against Ethiopian government forces and their Eritrean allies. The embassy advisory bluntly tells Americans, “Do not travel to Ethiopia,” and then tells those already there to consider leaving.

The advisory clarifies US citizens in the country are on their own if anything goes wrong. It warns that US Embassy staff can’t travel outside Addis Ababa and that Ethiopia’s declared state of emergency on Tuesday could shut down cell phone and internet services at any moment.

The Biden administration has warned Tigray forces not to advance on the capital as it considers economic sanctions against the Ethiopian government. A November 3 UN report accused both sides of crimes against humanity. Yet, with no forces in the country and little appetite in DC for another war, military intervention looks unlikely.

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