US Army to Train Troops on How to Overthrow “Illegitimate Government”

US Army to Train Troops on How to Overthrow

( – Some social media users are drawing links between a new Department of Justice domestic terrorism unit and a US Army exercise about to begin in North Carolina. Are US troops being trained to overthrow our own government and fight against the American people? Or is there a more innocent explanation?

On January 11, the Justice Department announced it was setting up a specialist unit to counter an allegedly “elevated” threat of domestic terrorism. It seems some people have connected the announcement with the upcoming US Army exercise, ROBIN SAGE.

ROBIN SAGE will last four weeks, involve around 500 troops, and some civilian volunteers. Around 100 of the troops will practice techniques of meeting, training and commanding guerrilla fighters with overthrowing the unstable government of “Pineland,” the fictitious country where the exercise is set (North Carolina will stand in for Pineland). Other troops will play the roles of guerrillas and government forces.

Worried people on the internet believe the exercise is connected to the domestic terrorism unit, and that troops are being trained either to fight Americans who oppose the government or to overthrow an elected government. One Twitter user wondered if the government is getting troops accustomed to “the idea of killing fellow Americans?”

The reality is ROBIN SAGE is the final testing exercise on the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course, and has been run approximately every six weeks since 1974. The reason the Green Berets are training to work with guerrillas and “overthrow” governments is because it’s ultimately their job. There are definitely reasons to be concerned about the Biden administration’s obsession with domestic terrorism, but ROBIN SAGE isn’t one of them.

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