US Agreed to Lift Oil and Shipping Sanctions, Iran Claims

US Agreed to Lift Oil and Shipping Sanctions, Iran Claims

( – Iran’s outlaw regime is claiming that the Biden administration has agreed to a major backing down in the negotiations over the failed 2015 nuclear treaty.

On June 23, Mahmoud Vaezi, chief of staff to outgoing Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, reportedly claimed the US has agreed to remove all the sanctions on Iranian shipping, oil and insurance that were imposed by former President Donald Trump. If that’s true, this would be a huge concession by President Joe Biden. However, the U.S. State Department asserts that nothing has been agreed.

Since becoming president, Biden has been determined to resurrect the nuclear deal he helped negotiate as vice president in the Obama administration. However, the deal was constantly dogged by suspicions Iran was cheating, and President Trump finally lost patience and imposed wide-ranging sanctions on the rogue state. Now, with the International Atomic Agency saying Iran is enriching uranium to high levels, Biden is still scrabbling around trying to get a new agreement.

Germany, which is also involved in the Vienna-based negotiations, says there are still “major issues” with Iran’s compliance. The questions remain, is Biden so fixated on salvaging his own treaty that he’s willing to ignore critical issues? By working to negotiate with Iran, is he making America and the world safer, or leaving us vulnerable to the menace of a rogue nuclear power?

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