Unvaccinated Citizens to Pay Fine in Quebec

Unvaccinated Citizens to Pay Fine in Quebec

(TargetLiberty.org) – A Canadian province has recently launched a crackdown on unvaccinated citizens, announcing hefty fines for anyone who doesn’t get inoculated against the COVID-19 virus.

On January 11, Quebec Premier Francis Legault told journalists within the next few weeks, 10% of Quebec residents who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 and don’t have a “legitimate” exemption, will be forced to pay “a new health contribution.” In his justification, he made it clear it’s really a fine.

Legault argued the unvaccinated are creating a disproportionate amount of work for Quebec hospitals. He then went on to say the majority of residents are asking “that there are consequences” for declining vaccination. Legault said the size of the “contribution” hasn’t yet been decided, but it’ll be “significant.”

Quebec’s government seems to be planning a two-pronged assault on the unvaccinated. Last week the provincial health minister discussed mandatory vaccination, saying “I see it coming personally.” The province has introduced some of the toughest restrictions in the western world; putting a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew in place on January 1.

Since the COVID pandemic began, governments have been ignoring individual rights and freedoms. Quebec might be leading the charge, but others could soon follow.

Will the Biden administration take the US down this dangerous route?

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