United Airlines Makes Historic Order of Jetliners

United Airlines Makes Historic Order of Jetliners

(TargetLiberty.org) – United Airlines has given a huge sign of confidence in US economic strength, placing a record-breaking order for new planes. It’s also good news for Washington-based Boeing, which will be building 200 of the new jets.

On June 29, United Airlines and Boeing jointly announced an order for 200 new 737 MAX jets. United already has 30 of them and an existing order for 180 more. This new order will almost double its fleet of modern narrow-body airliners, and it means between now and 2023, the airline will be adding a new plane every three days.

As well as the Boeing order, United is buying 70 slightly smaller Airbus A321neo jets. Like the 737s, they will be used on short-haul flights and equipped to United’s latest standards, with better in-flight entertainment, fast WiFi and enough space in the overhead bins for everyone’s carry-on bags.

The 737 MAX and A321neo are both larger than most of United’s existing narrow-body planes, increasing seat capacity by up to 30% – a move United say will let them cope with a post-COVID growth in air passengers. There are also huge benefits to the US economy. United says it will be hiring 25,000 new staff to support the larger planes.

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