UFC Fighter Tells Tucker Carlson “Evil Has Taken Over This Nation”

UFC Fighter Tells Tucker Carlson

(TargetLiberty.org) – When Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden sent thousands of troops to neighboring Poland to allegedly protect NATO territory. Many Americans worried it might mean the US is getting involved in a conflict that has nothing to do with it. When a reporter asked a UFC fighter about this move after a recent win, he was very honest about how he felt.

At a UFC press conference, Bryce Mitchell said he isn’t going anywhere to “fight none of these wars” for politicians. He explained he will be in Arkansas at home and if something happens, and a war is waged in his state, then he will “dig [his] boots in the ground and … die for everything” he loves.

On March 8, Mitchell joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on his show and further explained how he felt about what’s happening in the world. The television host asked him about dying for Arkansas and the fighter said it would be the “greatest honor” but he won’t go wasting his life fighting a battle in which he doesn’t believe. He said he thinks the “elites are guilty of treason” and told Carlson, “Evil has taken over this nation… and we’re ready to fight.”

Mitchell told the conservative host he says what he wants because he isn’t worried about being fired from his job. A lot of people worry about that, but UFC President Dana White lets fighters say what’s on their mind. The fighter made it crystal clear he will continue to speak out about the evil he sees and not worry about who might be offended.

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