U.S. Struggling To Save Americans Trapped In Gaza

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – On Wednesday John Kirby, the spokesperson of the National Security Council stated that the United States was looking into different alternatives for Americans being evacuated from the Israel war zone.

Kirby was asked on NewsNation’s “The Hill” what the actions the United States had taken for the evacuation of Americans from Israel. In response he stated that currently there were still commercial flights that Americans could potentially take from Ben Gurion Airport. However, he did not provide a lot of information on the possible alternatives. Instead he just said that those Americans that were still in Israel should “stay tuned” as more alternatives for exiting the country would come out. 

Kirby argued that they were looking at several other options and that they were looking into how they can help Americans who are trying to leave Israel. He added that there are several Americans who have lived and worked for years in Israel and that they often do not want to leave the country. He added  that they were considering that some of the Americans in Israel might not be able to afford the commercial options for exiting the country and are looking for other ways to get out of the country. 

Kirby also noted that the U.S. was in communication with airlines and they were examining alternative routes that could be taken to get people out of Israel. He added that additional information on these options would be available by Wednesday. 

On Wednesday the State Department confirmed that at least 22 American citizens have lost their lives in Israel as a result of the recent conflict. 

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