U.S. Army Is Reducing Their Forces

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – The United States Army has struggled with recruitment which has resulted in around 24,000 members of its force being cut. This has prompted a restructuring effort that is going to help the service fight any wars in the future. 

On Tuesday an Army document was published noting the almost 5 percent jobs cut is mostly going to be related to posts that were already empty rather than cutting off positions that had actual soldiers serving in them. The Army has noted that they would not be looking to have any current soldiers leave. However, as they pointed out the Army was looking to build back its strength and as part of those efforts, there was going to be an increase in the number of soldiers that were stationed there. 

It was also noted that the majority of the jobs that had been cut were related to counterinsurgency positions that had grown during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars but were no longer in high demand. 

The cuts are also going to affect around 10,000 posts from the cavalry squadrons, infantry brigade combat teams, security force assistance brigades, and Stryker brigade combat teams, all of which are predominantly used for training foreign forces. 

The document noted that the Army right now was “significantly over-structured.” It was further pointed out that there were not enough soldiers to fill all of the positions in the existing units. As such they were looking to optimize the service for multidomain combat and large-scale operations. This is a move away from the counterinsurgency structure which favored close combat.

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