Twitter Targets Conservatives — See Who’s Under the Gun Now

Twitter Targets Conservatives — See Who's Under the Gun Now

( – Twitter’s notorious anti-Conservative bias is annoying at the best of times, but now the tech giant’s behavior could be an active threat to our democracy. On Wednesday, the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party was suspended for alleged violations of the company’s usage policies – a week ahead of a crucial state primary.

Twitter claims that Dr. Kelli Ward, who’s previously held a seat in the state senate and been a United States Senate candidate, distributed “potentially harmful” information on Tuesday. Ward’s offense was to retweet a video showing a group of physicians discussing the success of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a coronavirus treatment. Ward, who’s a physician herself, found the discussion interesting and forwarded it to her followers. Then Twitter locked her account.

As of Thursday morning, Ward still wasn’t back on Twitter, meaning she’d been unable to communicate with her 80,000 followers for at least a day and a half in the run-up to an important vote.

Ward isn’t the only Conservative who’s had her account restricted for retweeting the video of Nigerian-born Dr. Stella Immanuel. TV host Laura Ingraham and Donald Trump Jr have also been hit with temporary bans. The Left has been opposed to hydroxychloroquine, a drug that’s been safely used for decades, since President Trump suggested it was worth investigating as a COVID-19 cure. However, Dr. Immanuel says she’s used it to treat over 350 patients – and all of them have recovered.

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