Twitter Only Censors What It Wants To

Twitter Only Censors What It Wants To

( – In the latest twist in a legal battle that doesn’t leave anyone looking very good, a congressman has been told he can’t sue Twitter for parody content published on its platform. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) brought a $250 million suit against Twitter and three of its user accounts last March; now a judge has told him Twitter can’t be sued for content posted by third-party accounts.

Nunes has an issue with two parody accounts – one which claimed to be his mother (until his actual mother complained and Twitter removed it), and one which claims to be his cow (and is still active).

At the heart of the case is whether or not Twitter is acting as a publisher. If it is, it’s liable for content posted on its platform. Right now, the law says social media companies aren’t publishers and are merely providing a public space for comments.

However, left-leaning tech CEOs like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey want to have it both ways; avoiding liability for the often-abusive “parody” aimed at Conservatives like Nunes, but censoring speech on their platforms in a way that looks very much like they are acting as publishers.

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