Twitter Leftists Are Movie Police — See What They Banned Now

Twitter Leftists Are Movie Police -- See What They Banned Now

( – Twitter is notorious for its rabid woke mobs, groups of prolific tweeters who won’t hesitate to pile on anyone who says anything they deem politically incorrect. Now the intolerant keyboard warriors have started playing at movie censorship too – and, sadly, it already seems to be having an effect.

The NW Film Center in Portland, OR, was scheduled to show the Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Kindergarten Cop on Thursday. In the 1990 classic, Schwarzenegger plays a detective who goes undercover in a kindergarten class to track down a witness. The film center chose it because it’s set in Portland, but a Portland author decided to launch a Twitter rant against it.

Lois Leveen, a left-wing author and activist, sent a series of six tweets on Sunday claiming the movie “feeds the ‘school-to-prison’ pipeline in which African Americans, Latinx, and other kids of color are criminalized.” Comparing the 1990 comedy with Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind, she claimed it “feeds racist assumptions” and “romanticizes over-policing.”

On Monday, the Film Center announced that because of “overwhelming demand” and “discussions,” they were canceling Kindergarten Cop and running a second screening of a biopic of civil rights leader John Lewis. The center insists Leveen’s tweets had nothing to do with the decision – but they announced the change in a reply to one of Leveen’s rants.

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