Twitter Immediately Rejects Political Event Advertisement on Its Platform

Twitter Immediately Rejects Political Event Advertisement on Its Platform

Social Media Giant Twitter Takes Firm Stance Against Free Speech — Again

( – Even before Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced he would buy Twitter and change the platform to better embrace free speech, there was much controversy about its censorship policies. On June 19, the social media space was at it again, denying a political ad on the platform seconds after submission. The advertisement was for the Minds Festival of Ideas, promoting open conversations about politics with a bit of comedy in the mix.

The CEO of, Bill Ottman, spoke to The Post Millennial about the issue, saying it must have been an AI program that rejected the event, considering the speed of response. He said there was nothing “inappropriate” in the ad to warrant the rejection. The company went directly to Twitter, pointing out its error. After all, the platform allowed a death threat against former CIA Director Mike Pompeo to remain on an Iranian Twitter account, so certainly the Minds decision was a mistake.

As of this writing, Twitter has not offered any further explanation as to why the ad was rejected or a reason the group can’t buy ad space. The company also has not reversed its decision.

Do you think platforms like Twitter are getting out of hand with what they will and won’t allow on social media?

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