Twitter and Facebook Expose Data

Twitter and Facebook Expose Data

Twitter and Facebook announced on Monday that hundreds of users may have had their accounts accessed and personal information shared.

A kit used by game developers, named One Audience, obtained personal information after people used their Twitter or Facebook accounts for a variety of apps, including Giant Square and Photofy.

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said:

“After investigating, we removed the apps from our platform for violating our platform policies and issued cease-and-desist letters against One Audience and Mobiburn. We plan to notify people whose information we believe was likely shared after they had granted these apps permission to access their profile information like name, email, and gender. We encourage people to be cautious when choosing which third-party apps are granted access to their social media accounts.”

Twitter said they will also notify anyone whose information may have been shared.

This is a great reminder to always be careful of what you download and to pay attention to the permissions you give apps when signing up.

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