TV Crew Rescues Teen After Car Accident

TV Crew Rescues Teen After Car Accident

( – A TV crew found themselves caught in a real-life drama on Monday after an out-of-control car hit a teenage boy. Without missing a beat, producers and actors stopped filming and rushed to save the victim.

On November 8, according to the NYPD, a woman lost control of her SUV while driving through Brooklyn. She collided with another vehicle, then swerved onto the sidewalk, hit a 14-year-old boy and came to a halt with the boy trapped under the car.

Meanwhile, on the next block, a TV crew was filming an episode of the Amazon Prime mob show Gravesend. Moments after the accident, producer Michele Francesko saw a leg kicking under the crashed vehicle and grabbed director and actor William DeMeo. The crew ran to the scene and, helped by passersby, managed to lift the SUV enough to drag the boy out from underneath. DeMeo told journalists, “I think God put us there… I think we were there for a reason; that’s my belief.”

Police say the boy, who suffered head injuries, was taken to hospital. The SUV driver stayed at the scene. So far, police haven’t announced charges against her.

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