Trump’s Twitter Reportedly Compromised By Dutch Researcher Due to Poor Security (REPORT)

Trump's Twitter Reportedly Compromised By Dutch Researcher Due to Poor Twitter Security (REPORT)

( – President Trump already exercised the pen’s power in May, lashing out at social media companies like Twitter with an executive order limiting their legal liability for censoring posts. In July, several high-profile accounts were hacked in a bitcoin scam to include the verified accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and others. Now, it appears Twitter is unable to protect President Donald Trump’s account. What’s next?

Stunning media reports hit the internet on October 22, alleging a Dutch security expert and researcher hacked President Trump’s Twitter account by guessing his password. Victor Gevers reportedly guessed the president’s password, “maga2020!” on his fifth attempt to break his account, and it worked.

A Twitter spokesperson, Ian Plunkett, denied the report stating the platform found “no evidence” supporting Gevers’ claim. The spokesperson added the tech giant already implemented a series of security measures to protect “high-profile, election-related” American accounts.

Same Song Different Verse

If confirmed to be accurate, this would be the second time Gevers successfully hacked President Trump’s account. In 2016, he hacked Trump’s account using “yourefired,” a slogan associated with The Donald’s longtime reality television show “The Apprentice.”

Gevers reported the hack to Dutch authorities along with suggested passwords for Trump. Ironically, that list included “maga2020!” something Gevers was quoted as saying he “did not expect.”

Most high-tech platforms these days offer two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security for your account. This system typically requires the use of a security code in addition to your customary login and password. You can go here for information about using two-factor authentication for Twitter and here to use it on Facebook.

In the meantime, perhaps it’s time for President Trump to press Congress to create new oversight over high-tech platforms moving forwards. If they can’t prevent an overseas hack of the president’s account, how do they ever hope to protect the American public from foreign interference in American elections?

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